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Experience exceptional commercial cleaning services with CJT Janitorial, the trusted team equipped to handle projects of all sizes and scopes.

Services we provide

Commercial Janitorial Services for All Sizes

Our janitorial services provide thorough cleaning and maintenance for your business space, ensuring a professional and sanitary environment.

Thorough Commercial Cleaning and Sanitization

Our deep cleaning and sanitization service provides a thorough and professional approach to disinfect and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from your premises.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional carpet cleaning service utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpets.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

Our comprehensive Deep Cleaning & Sanitization, meticulously
addressing overlooked areas and using EPA-approved disinfectants to create a visibly clean, safer, and healthier workspace.


Achieve commercial cleaning success

CJT Janitorial provided comprehensive cleaning services for a large commercial office building resulting in a significant improvement in overall cleanliness and employee satisfaction.

Case study #1

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Better cleanliness = more productivity

CJT Janitorial LLC provided comprehensive cleaning services to a large office building, resulting in increased employee productivity and a cleaner work environment.

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